Product Photography & Food Stylist

The image has a powerful impact today. It is present everywhere and on all platforms. Web content is as important as a print ad. You have to know how to envy your customers and I know how to do it!

With a great deal of experience in the world of food, I know the consumers and I know what they want to see and what will make them want to buy. Food photography is no secret to me.

Are you the creator of a food product? Do not hesitate to contact me to talk about the best way to highlight it. If you have no idea, I am also creative, I would help you in your marketing process so that your brand can have the best images that match you.

I have the advantage of being a food stylist. So I’m not just taking the picture but I’m going to set up the whole dish and the whole set. I know how to combine styling and photography, doing both allows me to manage my image to the best of my ability and to know how to enhance the product, whether through its presentation as light.

Restaurant and Hospitality 


With a great experience in the French gastronomic world, I know very well how a restaurant works and I know how to take a picture of what you want to highlight your place.

Before I was fully a photographer, I worked for restaurants and caterers who allowed me to get to know their work better. Thanks to this, I know how to work with them, take pictures without disturbing a whole service but with quality.

Then I worked as a photographer for an RP agency in Paris specialized in gastronomy and hospitality. I have taken pictures for advertising campaigns, for the press and for an important field: social networks. I’ve been able to work for starry chefs, palaces, and really great restaurants.

I really enjoy meeting the chefs and food creators. It’s an exciting world that requires a lot of creativity. I always try to work closely with the chef or the spirit of the restaurant to get images that you will like.

Recipe Development

Besides knowing how to set the plate, I can create what’s in it! I’m a food addict! My experience in different restaurants has allowed me to gain knowledge as well as the technique to cook and create any type of dish.

In addition to the image, cooking is my passion. I could spend my whole day in the kitchen by cooking, inventing and testing recipes.

I know how to do all the cuisine and I can create a recipe that will highlight your food product. I am able to make dishes for special diets such as gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo, etc. I’m also passionate about travel and I’m always interested in local cuisine. I can also create a Mexican, Italian, French, American, Middle Eastern, Asian dish, but if you have another idea in your head, I can do the necessary research to accomplish my mission: create a delicious recipe.


I love creativity, that’s what I’m passionate about. However, I also know how to make images that will be equally useful to you. With the increase of e-commerce, it becomes necessary to have simple photos in plain background to simply show the product to your customers. I can also do it for you.

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