Tea Time


There a year, I did not drink tea, I hated it. And then everything changed when I went to London in February. I tasted jasmine tea in a small tea room very nice. And there, a revelation! I loved tea! Since then, I do not stop to drink. It’s a real pleasure to taste different teas or infusions. Moreover, since the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet reopened, I often train in range dedicated to teas (you might see me!).

Soon, I’d like to do an article on all of my favorite teas.

Otherwise, you like tea?

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The Borgia


Last Friday, between classes and two inscriptions, I went to the exhibition at the Musée Maillol Borgia. I now studying art history at the Sorbonne, then I have no excuse for not going to the exhibitions.

On the merits, I found the exhibition interesting, there are a lot of paintings and objects. But you can find explanation ​​for each member of the Borgia family. It’s easier to recontextualize things and be on one point: this family was a little disturbed. But it is above all a time. There are of course the presence of Leonardo da Vinci, long supported by Cesare Borgia, great art enthusiast. The exhibition is the exciting time of the Borgias, rebirth.

I most appreciated the tables. These paintings are sublime. Their different style impressed me. It looks like a century separates each time.

The day after the show, I redraw in my moleskine (above) that I preferred. That is also the best known.

Still, I think the show is a bit short. We want more (we always want more!).

Les Borgia et leur temps

Mussée Maillol, Paris, September 17, 2014 to February 15, 2015

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